ANTM Finale: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

How boring was last night's ANTM finale? Seriously, worst top three since Tootie, Crooked Eye, and Crazy Teeth from Cycle 9. I guess I'm satisfied with McKey's win. She's the only girl out of any of them that if I saw her on the subway I'd be like, okay that's a model. She might actually get real work. I highly doubt we'll be seeing either Sam or Analeigh on "Top Models in Action" anytime soon. Anyway, what did you think of Tyra's elimination outfit? She seriously looked like a futuristic sadist. Which maybe isn't too far off the mark? Clip above, and one more thing after the jump.How dare Tyra tell someone else to go work on their "model-esque" smile. This is what she looked like when she announced the winner. What a faker!


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