ANTM Finale Live Blog: Arrivederci Cycle 10

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ANTM finales are always bittersweet because we've been working up to this moment all cycle, but then that means that we won't have this ridiculousness that we love to laugh at next week. As far as winners go, I'm rooting for Anya, because the girl can't take a bad picture, and because she seems like a really genuinely nice person. But more than anything, I'd love to hear her try and talk her way through her visits to factories/Walmarts in the "My Life as a Cover Girl" spots.


8:58 I'm glad that Paulina redeemed herself by saying "This isn't 'plus size.' This is beautiful."


8:56 Here it comes! I'm actually torn right now. I feel like Tyra, when she says, "I woke up this morning and I knew who I was voting for tonight. But now I'm up in the air."

8:53 I'm a little offended by Paulina calling Whitney a "ham." I don't like the pork connotation.

8:47 I love when Tyra gives a compliment and couches it in "You remind me of me."

8:46 Everyone got a costume change except Whitney?

8:44 Jeez, Whitney's dress is making me nervous.

8:42 Boy models? Also, where's Orangella already!?

8:41 Oh, this is a new weave for Tyra!

8:35 Where's Orangella already!?

8:30 WHITNEY! Dude, a plus size girl could take this. Also, Whitney is like totally thinner than me. Does that make me family size?


8:27 Whitney's picture is pretty, but I think she looks stupid in it the way that Paulina thinks Anya looks stoopid.

8:23 Holy friggin' shit! Versace! They're actually going to be wearing a real designer's clothes in a runway show tonight? But more importantly: We're totally gonna get some Donatella action!


8:21 Tyra just said to Fatima, "You have to do that eye squint. You have to smile with your eyes, and squint them and make them smaller, but keep them open, because your eyes are already small." What the hell kind of advice is that?

8:18 OK, again, not to be a bish, but I think that Fatima is vastly overestimating her relatability. I, for one, can not relate growing up "in a shack," being a virgin, having female circumcision, being as thin as a rail, and not having "travels" documents.


8:17 Why can't anyone pronounce arrivederci?

8:14 Hey, i never noticed that Jay Manuel wears a gold band on his ring finger. Does he have a life partner? Haha! "Life partner" is such a gay term, and I don't mean gay in a homosexual way.


8:10 Now that Anya is crying, and her eyelids are red, she looks super albino.

8:07 Billboard in Times Square! Oh, here comes Tootie.

8:06 Anya, don't chop your finger off!

8:05 Not to be a bish, but Fatima needs to work on her skin. I mean, this is a modeling competition.



@ferociacoutura: About the high fashion deal. I saw Mercedes on a Chili's ad. Robyn modeling church clothes. Yoanna and Naima are on this face cream infomercial. Yeah, no high fashion there....