ANTM Finale: And The Winner Is…

On last night's finale of Cycle 13, Laura and Nicole "stomped to the death" in a fashion show to battle it out for the coveted title of America's Next Top Model (and then struggle to find work later).

America's Next Top Model is…Nicole! I think this is the only cycle in which I agreed with the judges' choice 100%.

Tyra said that this is the first ever "petite" winner in Top. Model. History. Oh yeah? What about poor Eva from cycle 3? She was only 5'6.5" while Nicole is 5'7".

I have to say, though, that Laura did out-walk Nicole.


But I'm surprised that she wasn't admonished for her crazy tan lines. Tyra missed an opportunity to set an example and bestow wisdom. Those are her favorite things to do! It's like she's not the same anymore.


And lastly, who's the jerk that pretended she wanted Teyona's autograph?

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