I know that some people have a problem with the descriptor "retarded," so I know I'll get some grief for saying this, but how can you look at that screen shot and not think of Leonardo DiCaprio's character Arnie from What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I'm not saying that Marjorie acts as if she has mental retardation. I'm saying that her hands act like Leo's idea of acting like a retarded person. On last night's episode of ANTM, we learned โ€” through Paulina Porizkova โ€” that this sort of strangeness is in fact very European... that's why it's so foreign to us Americans. I was always under the impression that French people were cooler than the rest of us. After the jump, "My Life as a Cover Girl."

Is it just me, or are these "My Life as a Cover Girl" spots always trying to drive home the fact that Whitney is "plus size"? It's like, we get it, we know, we watched last cycle. I feel like it's always the focus of these spots, but in this really insidious, backhanded compliment-type way. Like last night, when they showed her baking cupcakes, which, sure, is totally normal. But then they had her compare makeup to food!

It's all about the flavors and ingredients that go into things โ€” into baking, into makeup, into life. I'm running around all day, so you have to find a balance. You always want just the right amount. With baking it's sugar, with makeup it's the natural look you get with the True Collection of products.

WTF? That doesn't even make any fucking sense. ("You can be big, but not too big. You can wear makeup, but not too much." Actually, this fits in with the inanity of Top Model panel sessions pretty well.) Why can't she just be a normal ANTM has been, and do signings at Walmart like Jaslene, or visit the Cover Girl factory in a hairnet and goggles like Naima? Overall, I think the concept and execution of Whitney's spots are much better than previous efforts, but I'm kind of sick of being reminded about the meals she eats, when for the other girls, we're not beat over the head about the meals they skip.