It's kind of ridiculous that Dominique has lasted this long in the competition, especially after last night's episode when she gave that gaping, goofy smile that revealed her missing tooth. But the thing that makes ANTM so wonderful is ridiculousness, so we'd like to say to Dominique: play on, player. You're our favorite toothless single mom aspiring model — and we mean that. And how about that Paulie Cicero-type, pervy Italian guy the girls had to walk for? He gave the best put downs and back-handed compliments. He said that Dominique didn't look "fresh" (read: she's ah old ah mama mia). And he totally pulled the whole "such a pretty face" line with Whitney. (BTW, Whitney claims she's the only plus-size model who's made it this far in the competition, but we'd like to point out that she's incorrect, seeing as how Robin, from Cycle 1 made it to the top four and went to Paris.) Clip above.