ANTM Cycle 11: WTF Is Going On With Jay Manuel's Hair!!??

The CW posted a bunch of video clips of America's Next Top Model Cycle 11—which premieres in just two weeks—as a way for us to get to know the girls. But it was hard to concentrate on the girls at all because Jay Manuel's new hairdo is so distracting and confusing. (His hair kinda looks like Renee's from Cycle 8.) Also distracting and confusing: Tyra's top. We can't tell if it's a coat or a blazer from the future. Anyway, in the clip above we get to hear from transgender contestant Isis, although we have to wait for the actual episode to find out if she's pre- or post-op. In the second half of the video, Tyra pretends that she's a moose and chases a contestant around the room, instructing her to "run fiercely" and then showing her how. (This is the best show in the world.) Clip above, and after the jump, some more clips of interviews with the girls.Here's that Agyness Deyn-ish one. She's a total dorkus malorkus.

This Saleisha/Solange one hopes that she stays around long enough to get a new weave.

I think I'm gonna love Sheena from Harlem. She "brung it," and she "don't fit in into the regular society."

You can watch more clips and interviews here. Meet the ANTM Cycle 11 "Models" [ONTD]

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J. Manuel is sporting a hair-don't and Miss Jay should give Carol Channing her wig back.