Above is a clip of some unaired interviews in which Tyra Banks discusses the young women who make up the cast of ANTM Cycle 10, as well as interviews with some of the women themselves. For some reason, Tyra seems a bit more unhinged than normal, which is wonderful, as is hearing aspiring models talk about what makes them so great. (Clearly a formula for hilarity.) On tonight's episode of ANTM, the girls will move into their house in NYC, the theme of which is "Model for a Cause" and Tyra says it will feature pictures of all the past winners with their causes listed below. (We bet dollars to donuts there won't be a picture of Adrianne. She and Tyra are still in a feud and haven't talked since like the third cycle.) The models will also have their first photo shoot, meet new judge Paulina Porizkova, and the first model will be sent home. Who will it be!?!? We really hope it's not Claire. She's our fave, thus far.