A new commercial has begun airing for America's Next Top Model Cycle 10, and the tag line is: New Faces, New Attitude, New York. OMG! So excited!! Also, check out Tyra's curly weave. It's very Toni Braxton "Unbreak My Heart," which is actually very Barbara Streisand A Star Is Born. The new cycle begins on February 20. Clip above, and after the jump, a still of one of the girls looking, well, a little underfed.

With the way her skin is lit, all green-like, and how her ribs are showing, she kinda reminds me of the naked lady ghost in The Shining. But like after Nicholson gets with her and then sees that she's actually a decaying old woman. Not that I'm saying that this girl looks like a decaying old woman...but maybe somewhere in between hot/naked and decaying/ghost?