On last night's episode, posing instructor Benny Ninja (why doesn't he have an official title like "Diva Runway Coach Extraordinaire" or "Noted Fashion Photographer"?) taught the girls about commercial, couture and catalog modeling. Many of them couldn't seem to tell the difference between the three, and frankly, neither could I. I know that couture is "weird", and commercial and catalog seemed identical to me, other than the fact that one of them seems to involve checking the time on an invisible watch. Oh, the other awesome thing last night was when Dominique accused Whitney of being racist. (Note to Dominique: Just because someone is a bitch to a person of color, it doesn't count as racist sentiment unless the remark is actually racial.) Whitney's reaction was priceless: "My best friend is black!" I couldn't help but think she was referring to Tyra. Suck up.