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ANTM: And The Plus-Size Girl Takes The Cake!

Despite conspiracy theories, underminers, and the fact that some of us thought Anya was actually the better model, we're damned proud of Whitney Thompson and the fact that a plus-size girl finally took the title on ANTM. (Of course, the show is not even close to a true representation of the real modeling industry.) There was something really telling in Paulina's commentary during judging when she said, "Whitney is the one that a man would want in his bedroom, but Anya is the one that you would buy the dress from." The fashion industry is fucked up. Or maybe we're all fucked up. Or maybe we need to stop letting curve-hating gay men tell us how we should look!


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@Trixie from Toronto: I disagree. I think that in terms of showing off the physicality of the clothing the less interference from a body, the better. Especially with some of the trends today in which contrasting volume plays a role — the fact is, hips and boobs distort the designer's intentions. And that is why, when designers go ahead and put their clothes in stores, the volume is toned down, the clothes are more tailored, and more drastic and imaginitive design elements, which are played up for the runway on said stick-thin models, are scaled back to be flattering on a body with all its god-given curves.

I am not a stick, nor am I tall; I know what designer stuff works on my body and what doesn't mostly through very frustating and confusing trial and error. But once I was able to separate the fantasy of what I saw on the runway from the reality of what was on the hanger (and soon to be on my body), I began to appreciate what designers were doing for the art of it — and not just outrageous couture pieces — and began to synthesize the idea of taking a designer's vision and adapting it to my body (and not always through their increidbly expensive clothes) and my style. Which is what all women, ultimately, need to learn to do.

But either way, my point was that the reason Whitney seems small for a full-figured girl is that all models, no matter what size category they're modeling for, are expected to be smaller than the average in that category.