Anti-Obesity "Activist" Tells Elle That Women Are Fat, Stupid

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MeMe Roth made a name for herself by saying Jordin Sparks was too fat to win American Idol — and now she's spraying the pages of Elle with her particular brand of haterade!

Roth tells Elle writer Ruth Davis Konigsberg that "women pay a higher price" for gaining weight, because they become less attractive to their spouses. Why are women letting themselves get all fat and ugly and repellent to men? It's because they're deluded. "People say they're getting coffee," says Roth, "but then they come out with these milk shakes with whipped cream on top. That's not coffee." Stupid people! They don't even understand how fat they are: "unless they're morbidly obese, most people don't think they're in trouble."


So what should all the delusional fatasses of America do? "I am asking America to make the same decision I made . . . to shelve all excuses and take it upon myself to maintain a healthy body." Some decisions Roth has made include not eating during social functions and emphasizing the "utilitarian aspect of food" rather than, say, enjoying it.

She also decided to call her kids' parent-teacher organization "undersexed PTO-fraus" when they persisted in providing (shudder) bagels and chips to her son. And when her local YMCA gave out free ice cream sundaes, she called the president with an ultimatum: "You have one hour to offer something healthy with them or get rid of them." "Then," she says, "I went back and threw out all the toppings."

If destroying free food (which fellow Y visitors could presumably take or leave as they wished) sounds totally insane to you, it's probably because you're fat, "undersexed," and lying to yourself. You'd better, as Roth says, "put the food away." It's not like you need it to live or anything.

MeMe Roth's War [Elle]

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she's actually not that crazy if you read the article.