New Mexico governor Susana Martinez's life just got significantly less fabulous: her hairstylist, a gay salon owner, has refused to style her hair until she stops opposing gay marriage. Depriving a Republican of the services that keep her looking like a modern June Cleaver is an act of defiance louder than a thousand glitterbombs.

Antonio Darden runs the popular Antonio's Hair Salon in Santa Fe, and has said that he won't see his famous occasional client anymore. He told Santa Fe's Eyewitness 4 News,

The governor's aides called not too long ago, wanting another appointment to come in. Because of her stances and her views on this I told her aides no. They called the next day, asking if I'd changed my mind about taking the governor in and I said no again.


Darden, who sort of reminds me a little bit of a gay Jeff Goldblum (highest compliment), and his partner have been in a relationship for 15 years. He says that while the Governor has said marriage should be between a man and a woman, he strongly disagrees. "I think it's just equality, dignity for everyone," he says.

It's about time the gay mafia hit conservative lawmakers where it hurts: in the hair.

Hair stylist refuses to cut Gov. Martinez's hair [Eyewitness 4]

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