An antiabortion protest called "40 Days for Life" began yesterday, but protesters aren't just going after abortion clinics. They're protesting against emergency contraception, condoms, and "usery" [sic] even at facilities that don't provide abortion.

The protesters in the clip above (a longer version of which is available at Feministing) are at Family Planning Health Services in Wausau, Wisconsin, which doesn't provide abortions and is legally barred from even making referrals for them. This doesn't seem to matter to the anti-choicers lined up outside, who believe not only that emergency contraception is abortion, but apparently that all contraception should be illegal. The kid with the orange hair who thinks "condoms encourage women to be used" is pretty upsetting, but he's also very young. As he talked, I started to wonder about the adults standing around him, many with their spouses โ€” did they really never use contraception? Then the lady in the minivan said she was pregnant with her twelfth child, and I got my answer.

It seems unlikely that all protesters affiliated with "40 Days for Life," a nationwide movement that started in Texas in 2004, are against all contraception in all circumstances. But they do have one thing in common โ€” at least according to, the antiabortion movement has realized that Roe V. Wade won't be overturned. So they're turning their attention elsewhere โ€” to government funding for abortion, and, apparently, to family planning clinics that don't even do abortions. William Saletan says the antiabortion movement is now "playing defense." But their tactics โ€” including harassing patients arriving at the Wausau clinic to pick up prescriptions โ€” are pretty offensive.


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