Anti-Choice Protestors Target Houston Planned Parenthood Contractors

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If three makes a trend, then the new trend in anti-choice protesting is picketing the contractors who build abortion clinics. Hot on the heels of the group of rabid Coloradans who protested at a contractor's house on Christmas Day and the builders who pulled out of a Portland, Oregon Planned Parenthood construction because of harassment, Houston contractors Myerson Builders are being targeted by anti-choice proponents because they've agreed to work on a Planned Parenthood project. A protester outside Myerson's headquarters earlier this month held a sign that said, "Myerson - Your late-term abortion center will do to babies what Auschwitz did to Jews." How charming.According to the Houston Chronicle, abortion protesters are especially pissed because the new 75,000 square-foot Planned Parenthood building will perform late-term abortions up to 19 weeks. While anti-choicers are claiming this is going to be "the largest center of late-term abortions in the Western Hemisphere," Peter Durkin, President of Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas calls that claim "nonsense," and tells the Chronicle that only one of six floors will be used as clinical space; the other five floors will be dedicated to administration and family planning. In other abortion news, blogger 'What To Expect When You're Aborting', has had has finally done the deed. Interestingly, the usually progressive sex site Nerve is being quite nasty about the woman's blog. The site calls 'What To Expect When You're Aborting' "gleeful" (a total tonal misread of the blog) and adds, " It's kind of amazing. And by amazing, we mean horrifying. We're pro-choice, but on this, we're conflicted. And if you're not, you're surer of your ideals than we are." I find it difficult to understand why a woman shouldn't be happy if she doesn't have to have a baby that she is unprepared for. Not having an unwanted baby: the furthest thing from horrifying around. Anti-Abortion Forces Target Houston Builder [Feminist Daily News Wire] Houston Planned Parenthood Facility Drawing Protests [Houston Chronicle] 50 Buzziest Blog Posts Of All Time [Nerve] Let's Get Some Cocktails And De-brief, Shall We? Part One Of Many About Abortion Day, 2008 [What To Expect When You're Aborting" Earlier: All I Got For Christmas Was This Stupid Abortion Protest Portland Builder Drops Planned Parenthood For Fear Of Pro-Life Protesters



They had some idiot from California driving a truck through downtown Austin yesterday with aborted fetuses depicted graphically on the side of it, saying "This is 'CHOICE'". Did I mention it was a man, at least 50 years or older driving this truck? Rightfully so, people got angry at the guy and his "message". Even those that are more anti-choice thought it'd be more effective to get a dialogue started in a more constructive manner than that (and told the evening news that as well). Luckily, the dick's moved on to downtown Dallas where he plans on driving around there for a few days.