Anti-Abortion Zealots Turn To Effigies, EBay

Today in Crazytown, Randall Terry is encouraging anti-abortion advocates to burn effigies of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. And another group of upstanding Americans is organizing an eBay auction to fund the defense of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller's murderer.

According to the Washington Independent (via Wonkette), Terry — of the Da-Vinci-code-ily-named Operation Rescue Insurrecta Nex — is instructing followers to print out large pictures of Reid and Pelosi at Kinko's, then burn them in a Halloween-themed protest against "child-killing." This is apparently related to healthcare reform, probably because of all those mandatory abortions for schoolgirls we've been hearing so much about. In an instructional video (apparently more coherent than the one above, but sadly now removed from YouTube), a Terry acolyte says, "Be safe, have fun, and remember - you're engaging in a proud heritage of American protest."


Another proud American heritage: eBay. Supporters of Tiller's assassin Scott Roeder — yes, apparently there are some — are getting together an option to pay for his legal fees. Items on the block will include an autographed bullhorn like the ones anti-abortionists use to yell things outside clinics, and "an underground publication for anti-abortion militants that describes dozens of ways to shut down clinics, including bombing." The donor of this particular gem, auction organizer Dave Leach, explains,

I plan to cover up the offending eight pages of bomb recipes and instead insert a note saying that in order to avoid legal problems, we advise our bomb-loving friends to seek their bomb recipes in a U.S. Army Manual, which is approved by the Justice Department. I will also enclose my April 1996 issue, which contains bomb-making excerpts from a declassified U.S. Army Manual widely available in Army surplus stores.

But the most stomach-turning items are three jailhouse drawings signed by Scott Roeder and sent to anti-abortion activist Regina Dinwiddie. Dinwiddie describes one of the drawings thus:

It has David with a slingshot in one hand and the head of Goliath in his other hand and the name ‘Tiller' on Goliath's forehead. On the corpse on the ground, it says ‘child-murdering industry.'

Leach is planning a November 1 start date for the auction. EBay won't say whether it will allow it, commenting only that, "EBay does not allow listings that promote or glorify violence, hate, racial or religious intolerance, or items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity." The blog Roeder Watch has instructions on how to contact eBay to protest the auction. I can't think of an obvious way to protest against Terry's effigy plan, except maybe by not burning likenesses of congresspeople on your lawn like a total fucking lunatic.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Well.... I was adamantly pro-choice, like donate-to- Planned Parenthood- pro choice, like having difficult being friends with anti-choicers pro choice, but... you setting a picture of an elected official on fire in your front yard on a holiday derived from a Celtic pagan festival has really made me reconsider my viewpoint. You know what, crazy, effigy-burning neighbor? You're right. Women should be forced to give birth. It took flames of your intolerant hooliganism to show me the light. Thank you. #randallterry