Anthropologie "Giving": We Love To Hate & Hate To Love It

Anna and I are divided about Anthropologie. Anna loves it because it appeals to her "dreams of living in the country surrounded by books, cats, and a wood-burning stove." I usually hate it because it's chock full of overpriced fugwear for a crafty, forest-nymph lifestyle no one actually embodies, and if they do, they can't afford to shop at Anthropologie. The both of us chime in on the retailer's new "Giving" catalog, after the jump.


Dodai: This is pretty, though it might not work if you've got a big rack, sigh. Still, pair it with black pants and you've got an easy holiday party solution.

Anna: I have a small rack, so I love this unconditionally, even though I prefer sweatpants and tees over, well, everything else.(Showshoe blouse, $128)

Anna:I hate myself for loving this sort of stuff, but I'm sold. But is it just me or do these look more like owls than penguins? No matter: I'd take the middle guy with the vest and weekend bag.

Dodai: They're cute, I just can't look penguins anymore without thinking about how they've been pimped by Hollywood recently. (South for the winter ornaments, $14)


Dodai: Gloves are cool, mittens are warmer.

Anna: And both are bound to get lost within a week. (Nepalese garden mittens, $38)


Dodai: If I were domestic at all, I would admit that love these plates, but I'm not, so I can't. (But secretly, I do.)

Anna: I'd feel a little better about eating off plates with endangered animals if, well, I wasn't eating meat. (Expedition dessert plates, $12 each, in gazelle, giraffe, penguin and polar bear.)


Dodai: Brunette, blonde and redhead, but no brown girl. Frown.

Anna: What she said. (Remember, we posted about this before.) (Hobbyist ornaments, $24 each)


Anna: I love them all. Thing is, whose picture would you put in them?

Dodai: I hate fake crafty heirloomly crap. Gimme rhinestones, or studs, or something with flash! (Fabric lockets, $48 each)


Dodai: Here's what I hate about Anthropolgie! Supposedly precious "handmade" shit that is supposed to be like "Check it out OMG I'm so worldly I totally spent a semester in Prague" but is actually just completely UGLY, especially when you consider the price.

Anna: This definitely goes into the Jezebel category of "Expensive Shit". (Crewelwork coat, $598)


Dodai: More "folkloric" fug. As the kids say: Vom.

Anna: It looks like this jacket took a wrong turn and missed the Garnet Hill catalog. (Dragon boat jacket, $88)


Anna: I love buttons and snaps and the price is pretty reasonable. Too bad they only go up to size 10. (Either-or-rose flats, $88)

Dodai: Meh. I have no desire to look like a Depression-era five-year-old.


Dodai: Okay, so even though this has homey embroidered doodads on it, it's quite pretty. Love the colors and the neckline.

Anna: I'm with you. Dear Mom, here's what I want for Christmas. (Silent Solstice dress, $178)


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