Looking through the latest "Anthropologie" catalog takes us back to that time we decided to keep starting and stopping our meds to see what would happen; that is, the time when we were crazzeeee. The catalog is all over the fucking place, price-wise; one cute cotton top on one page will go for $78, and an almost-identical piece 6 pages later is a staggering $200. And don't get us started on the handbags and shoes. Why do they not go above a size 10 in the styles that are actually wearable? Who spends $300 on flats with turned up elf-toes? And do these people really think someone's going to spend $500 on this?

There's some cute stuff on display, do be sure. Like these shoes, which of course, don't go above a size 10. But until someone clues us in as to how to shop this retailer (and how it makes any money) we'll stick to our usual routine of hurling its damn catalog across the room.