Anthony Scaramucci Still Hasn't Met His Kid

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Anthony Scaramucci, a man who treats journalists like they are his therapists, cannot stay away from the press. On Tuesday, for reasons that mystify, he offered a follow-up interview to the Huffington Post to recount the aftermath of his unceremonious firing from his hilariously short 10-day tenure as White House Communications Director.


Scaramucci—who lost his wife Deidre Ball, his job, and his dear Donald Trump all within the same week—admitted that by Tuesday he still had not seen his new infant son, who was born over the weekend after Ball filed for divorce:

As of Tuesday afternoon, he still hadn’t met his son. Scaramucci claimed that right after the birth Ball texted him her request for some space. When I asked about this text, Ball’s lawyer, Jill Stone, responded: “Any texts of that nature had nothing to do with the baby or seeing the baby.” (Jill Stone said she couldn’t comment on the rest of Scaramucci’s version of events.)

Scaramucci reportedly texted his ex-wife to congratulate her on the birth, but in the said that Scaramucci didn’t attend the birth of their son last week because he was with his love Donald Trump. He disputed this version of events:

Scaramucci said this is an unfair characterization of events. He told me that Ball’s due date was Aug. 9, so when he boarded Air Force One to West Virginia last Monday to attend the president’s address at the National Scout Jamboree, he didn’t think he’d be in danger of missing the birth. As soon as she texted him that she was going into labor, he said, he looked into chartering a plane from West Virginia but discovered that there was a wide no fly-zone around Air Force One. He explained that he decided to wait to fly back to Washington with the president, then travel to New York from there.

He defended his unbelievable New Yorker interview—the one in which he said that Steve Bannon sucks his own cock—by saying, “Most of what I said was humorous and joking. Legally, it may have been on the record, but the spirit of it was off. And he knew that.”

Roger Stone, a friend of Fox News’s Kimberly Guilfoyle, addressed rumors about an alleged relationship between her and Scaramucci, saying the two “are very close friends but nothing more,” and that Scaramucci “is way too short for Kimberly.” You can read the whole thing here.


Correction: This post previously attributed several quotes about Guilfoyle’s relationship with Scaramucci to Scaramucci. They were actually said by Roger Stone. We regret the error.

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