Another Poll You Should Take Very, Very Seriously: How Old Is Too Old To Have An Abortion?

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A common theme of our polls is the fact that we are getting old. We seemed to have tapped into something in the zeitgeist with that, because this new movie "Knocked Up" is about that, at least according to the New Yorker, which we used to read to make us feel more mature and now generally avoid except for the cases in which we use it to support blog arguments, because we have learned, in old age, to stop kidding ourselves that ours are the sorts of friends who really talk about things other than sex, probably because it's one of the few things we still approach from a somewhat juvenile perspective, which is why we wrote this poll in the first place, because if there is one thing that really scares us about our age, it's the thought of realizing we are too old to have an abortion. (WHICH BY THE WAY WE'RE TOTALLY NOT. YET.)


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Hi, Sarah.

Someday I do hope to have children. I have to say, if I were to get knocked up tomorrow, it wouldn't exactly be the most joyous occasion, only because I have $340 of disposable income a month and I don't really feel emotionally mature enough to not make the same mistakes my mother did when she had me at 23. But I'd feel a personal obligation to grow up, save up, and do it. And according to the poll results, a lot of other women who read this website feel the same way. A lot of others don't. It's all good. This is what we worked for, right?

Abortion is such a personal issue. I don't think making blanket generalizations about what's wrong and what's right is appropriate with regard to this subject.