Another Iraq Vet Arrested For SO's Death • Maternity Leave Makes Euros Afraid Of Women

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Where is the mental health outreach for our veterans? John Wylie Needham, an Iraq war veteran who described himself as "falling apart at the seams" upon returning from combat, has been arrested for beating his girlfriend to death in Orange County, California. • New reports about side effects and allergic reactions in young women who have received shots of Gardasil have experts wondering if these and other side effects have been researched thoroughly enough. • The MoMA has named longtime curator Ann Temkin as the chief curator for painting and sculpture, one of the biggest and most prestigious jobs in the museum and modern art world. •• A study of the gynecological screening tests for cervical cancer in Sweden has found that immigrants from Norway, Denmark, and Central America are more likely to develop cervical cancer than Swedish nationals. • Germany has the largest wage gap between men and women in Western Europe, which is due in part to maternity leave and shortened hours for working moms and outright gender discrimination.• In related news: New laws in England that would extend maternity leave benefits to a full year and allow parents to demand flexible working hours have some "employment lawyers" worrying that employers will stop hiring women altogether. • Louise Glueck, former U.S. poet laureate, has been awarded the Wallace Stevens Award for "outstanding and proven mastery of the art of poetry." • Women's activists in Iran enjoyed a victory on Monday when Iran's parliament decided to shelve a proposed law that would allow husbands to take multiple wives without permission from their first spouse. • The victory was brief, however, as four Iranian women's activists were imprisoned on Tuesday for contributing to banned women's websites. • Darlene Harris, a police officer in Atlanta, tells the story of how she discovered at the age of 35 that she is an "intersexed" person, or someone whose internal or external sexual anatomy don't fit the typical definitions of female or male. •



My daughter, 15, had the Guardasil shot and had no complications whatsoever.