Another Day, Another Set of Stereotypes

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Did you know there are a bunch of unmarried women in this country? Apparently, it's news to some people, but, for the first time in American history, there are as many unmarried women voters as married women voters. Did you know that pollsters think that we're all alike in how we vote? Of course they do, because there's nothing a pollster likes more than a good stereotype!


So in the obligatory "it's election day, so let's talk about voters" piece, we also learn that 20 million single women didn't vote in the last election — and 15 million single women aren't even registered. Of course, that's actually not too bad given than about 60 percent of the population doesn't vote most of the time anyway (but it sounds really bad, so, carry on "real" journalist!).

Alas, the rest of the article is about the Democratic party's outreach to single women voters, how Hillary is trying to work us all up into a frenzy because obviously caring about women's issues means voting for a woman (yet another stereotype), and so and and so forth. Also, single women voters get dubbed the "Sex and the City vote," which, um, vomit? I would write more but the fact that they didn't even bother to try and go out to find one single Republican woman to interview or make any effort to get in touch with any of the Republican candidates (all of whom do a lot of outreach to women) and that they gave all that ink to Hillary, one short paragraph to Obama and none to the rest of the Democratic field makes me angry. Part of what is great about women (and single women) is that we're all individuals, not just 50 million people you can paint with one brush and stick into one slot and wash your hands of thinking about us (which is what politicians have been doing for years and should've been the point of the article in the first place).

Sex and the Single Woman's Vote [ABC News]



@kristinover: Yes, I think that the extreme factions of the Christian Right Wing (and some of the less extreme factions too) are severely detrimental to Christianity and general understanding of who Jesus Christ was and what he stood for.

@SinisterRouge: The history of the Republican party started long before Reagan. The traditional and historical Republican party was about small government, lower taxes and fiscal conservativism. The military industrial complex was created in the late 20th century in response to the Cold War... and continues now, in part, because of terrorism. I was saying that it would be great if the Republican party could get back in line with its roots.