Holy hell, when will we stop fighting over pee-peeing.

KSL reports that a man named Christopher Adams was shopping at a Walmart in Clinton, Utah, when his two kids told him they needed the restroom. He decided to take his 7-year-old son Kyler and 5-year old daughter Emery with him into the men’s room, saying, “There was a family restroom but with two kids that have to go to the bathroom I just decided we’ll all go to the men’s bathroom and get it done.”

A man entered as the family was washing up. The man proceeded to freak the f*ck out about seeing a female child in the men’s room, though she was accompanied by her father. Adams described the scene to The Daily Beast:

“He came in and we finished washing our hands and it escalated really fast,” he said.

“What the fuck is she doing in here?” the man said, according to Adams. “It is inappropriate that she’s in here.”

Adams said he tried to keep cool.

“I was just like, ‘Wait, what? What is going on?’”

Adams tried to tell the guy to back off.

“I told him ‘Whatever A-hole.’”

Then the guy “instantly snapped,” suckerpunching Adams in the mouth.

“He pushed me and I caught myself and then he punched me in the face,” Adams said. “I took it and then moved him out of the bathroom… He was just exploding.”


Kyler drew his sister into a stall and locked it as their dad pushed the man out of the restroom and held him down until Walmart management was alerted. The guy briefly escaped and proceeded to shop as though nothing had happened until he was apprehended by police.

There’s nothing to directly indicate that the suspect’s irrational attack was connected to controversy over access to public restrooms for transgender people, but it crossed Adams’ mind:

“I don’t know what he was freaking out about,” Adams said. “The only thing that makes sense in my head at the the time was whole Obama thing with forcing transgenders to use bathrooms.”

“I never gave much thought about Obama trying to push this and now I do,” he said. “It shouldn’t matter what you identify with but families should be allowed to go to the bathroom without trouble.”


The phrase “whole Obama thing with forcing transgenders to use bathrooms” is another example of the confusion, politicizing, and lack of basic understanding about bathroom access currently running rampant from state to state. We should all be able to use the bathroom without trouble.


Screenshot via KSL.