Another Day, Another Lawsuit Filed Against Dov Charney for Alleged Employee Abuse

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Usually when Dov Charney is sued by an employee, it involves women accusing him of sexual harassment, but a recent lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court was brought on by a guy claims Charney had choked him and rubbed dirt in his face. Michael Bumblis had worked for American Apparel as a store manager in Malibu, but says he was wrongfully terminated after complaining about Charney through "proper company channels."


Bumblis says his problems with Charney began in April, when the CEO of the retail chain allegedly called him "a wannabe Jew," a "fag," and grilled him about his sex life. A few weeks later, Charney showed up at the story Bumblis was managing and became "visibly agitated" and, according to the allegations in the lawsuit, "dove" at him, squeezing his throat "in an attempt to choke and strangle him," before rubbing dirt in his face.

American Apparel's company lawyer Peter Schey calls the allegations "contrived and untrue," saying that Bumblis was fired "for reasons consistent with company policy." Additionally, he says, Bumblis "has also now violated his written agreement to arbitrate any disputes with the company," in reference to the infamous gag agreements the company makes its employees sign.

This is just the latest series in setbacks for the apparel company—it's the 10th employee lawsuit since 2005—that has been in dire financial straights, with its stock trading below $1 a share, down from a height of $15.


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Why does Dov Charney sound like an anagram for something? And why does such a gross person have a name that rhymes with "charmey"?

Oh, nervy cad! Nobody would ever call him Rev. "coy hand". If only he were an achy vendor of apparel, we'd at least know he has a human heart. He probably has STDs that glow an anchovy red, but he has a handy cover story: he just says it's from the fabric dye. While other modern CEOs are creating harmless nerdy havoc, this guy is ensconced in his Horny d'Cave with a hardy coven of downtrodden female employees.

For shame, not-so-charmey.