Apparently Helena Rubenstein has a "new" ad campaign, in which certain writers believe she looks "unrecognizable." Our old friend, Photoshop, is to blame. The Mirror calls it "a message to Ashton" and reports, "Demi Moore is back at work and looking amazing in these new shots for Helena Rubinstein."

But is she back to work? Are these shots new, or merely newly released? We saw an image of Demi Moore modeling for Helena Rubenstein in 2010. It, too, was aggressively Photoshopped. These might have been taken at the same time. Or, since Demi's been in rehab, we would not be surprised if these were shot a few months ago, and just now hitting the web. Another, way more sinister theory: Seing as how Helena Rubenstein enjoys digital retouching so much, maybe this is some other model with Demi's face?

Either way, it's completely bizarre when cosmetics companies digitally remove all lines and texture from a face we know fairly well. Do they really expect the public to believe their product will give us the same digitally modified, astounding results? The truth is, when we look at these images, it's hard to see a beautiful woman — the blatant, distracting alteration gets in the way.


(As a reminder, Demi Moore was also involved in a Photoshop kerfuffle in 2009 — and that time, lawyers got involved.)


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