Another day, another accusation of sexual abuse against KBR in Iraq. This time, KBR contractors at the British Embassy are accused of using jobs at the embassy as their own personal forced dating/escort service, and dismissing Iraqis who refused or complained. When one finally complained to the British Foreign Office, they interviewed her and her two witnesses and then turned the investigation over to KBR. We all know what happened next, right? They fired the witnesses, didn't interview anyone and declared themselves innocent of all charges. The British government isn't re-opening the investigation or changing its practices, of course, and reports are that the bad behavior of the KBR contractors continues apace at the embassy. Oh, and a commenter on the Times UK site said she's not to be believed because she's probably old and ugly, because sexual abuse and assault are about the attractiveness of the woman and not the fucked-up nature of the dude. [Times UK]