Another Baby For Jennifer Hudson?; Stalker Threatened Mass Murder At Jacko Concert

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  • Jennifer Hudson may be pregnant again, only four months after her son was born. "Jennifer was in total shock when she found out she was having another baby," says a "friend," who claims she found out on December 10.

The source says she didn't want her children to be so close in age, but "She and David love kids... It's another thing for them to celebrate during the holidays." [Star]

  • The 333-page file the FBI kept on Michael Jackson was made public today following a Freedom of Information Act request from several media outlets. The files cover seven different investigations including a 1997 child pornography probe in which no charges were filed and a 1992 extortion plot against Jackson. There was no new information about his death. [LAT]
  • The bulk of the file is about the investigation of Frank Paul Jones, who made death threats against Michael Jackson, George H.W. Bush, and John Gotti from 1992-1993. Jones wrote in a note, "I will personally attempt to kill [Michael Jackson] if he doesn't pay me my money," and said he would "commit mass murder" at a Jackson concert if necessary to kill him. According to news clippings in the file, Jones was obsessed with Janet Jackson and was arrested trying to break into the White House and at Jackson's parents' home. He plead guilty in 1993 and was sent to prison. [N.Y.T., Reuters]
  • In 1995 a U.S. Customs agent asked the FBI to analyze a VHS tape connected to Michael Jackson to see if it contained child pornography. They found the tape called Michael Jackson's Neverland Favorites — An All Boy Anthology was a "poor quality third or fourth generation recording," but the documents don't say what was on the tape. [AFP]
  • In 1993 the LAPD contacted the FBI and suggested the agency look into a "possible federal violation against Michael Jackson concerning transportation of a minor across state lines for immoral purposes [Mann Act]," but the FBI declined. The agency provided a driver and a stenographer for California investigators who travelled to the Philippines to interview the couple who had managed the Neverland Ranch about child molestation allegations. [CNN]
  • Brittany Murphy left her estate to her mother Sharon Murphy. She wrote the will before she met her husband Simon Monjack, and it's unclear if she ever updated the document. [TMZ]
  • Right after his Thanksgiving car crash 60 percent of people polled still had a favorable view of Tiger Woods, but a new survey shows his approval rating has dropped 34 percent. [CNN]
  • Jamie Jungers' aunt Susan Minor says that Jamie bragged to family members about pictures she took of Tiger Woods while he was passed out drunk. "She told us she took the naked pictures. It is the truth and I have several witnesses. Jamie said it in front of my son, daughter, and my husband." Jamie's mother denies that this happened, and that her daughter has pictures of Tiger Woods. [Radar Online]
  • During a radio interview today Jamie Jungers was questioned about the pictures. "My aunt? I don't believe she said that," Jungers said, adding that her aunt's "kinda crazy." The hosts suggested that that Woods had payed her off, but she said, "You know what, I haven't made a penny from all of this (bleep) and the only reason I'm involved with this is because of an ex fiancé." [Radar Online]
  • John Lennon's star on the Hollywood walk of Fame is missing. The asphalt has just an "empty outline of a star" that has been covered up with a plastic bag and tape. [Contact Music]
  • Richard and Mayumi Heene have been sent a $42,000 bill from the DA for the cost of having the police, national guard, and FAA investigate their balloon hoax. Their lawyer says they won't pay until they see receipts and records. [TMZ]
  • Beyonce's parents Tina and Matthew Knowles issued this joint statement today confirming their divorce: "The decision to end our marriage is an amicable one. We remain friends, parents, and business partners. If anyone is expecting an ugly messy fight, they will be sadly disappointed. We ask for your respect of our privacy as we handle this matter." [Contact Music]
  • Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and the Black Eyed Peas are among the stars who will perform at the Grammy Awards on January 31. [People]
  • Check out Jay-Z's new video for "Young Forever," which is described as "a longer version of that Levi's commercial that employs Walt Whitman's 'Pioneers! O Pioneers!" poem. [Rolling Stone]
  • Is Rachel McAdams dating Jude Law's personal assistant? [Contact Music]
  • BREAKING: Jessica Simpson went out with less makeup on than usual. [Daily Mail]
  • Prince William spent a night sleeping on the streets of London last week to raise awareness for the homelessness charity Centrepoint. The group's CEO said, "We took as much precaution as possible – finding a relatively secluded spot in an alleyway, shielded partly by a collection of wheelie bins. But there was no shielding from the bitter cold, or the hard concrete floor, or the fear of being accosted by drug dealers, pimps or those out to give homeless people a 'good kicking.'" [Guardian]
  • Eminem's Christmas gift to fans: A picture of himself in a Santa Claus suit. Fans can insert their face into the picture to make it look like they're sitting on "Shady Claus'" lap. [UPI]
  • Looks like somebody really wants to make their split permanent. On the same day that Dean Sheremet filed for divorce from LeAnn Rimes, they agreed to a confidential divorce settlement. [People]
  • Kevin Jonas was caught kissing his new wife Danielle Deleasa on their honeymoon in Mexico. Scandalous! [Popsugar]
  • John Woo will be given a lifetime achievement award at the Venice Film Festival. [The Mirror]
  • TMZ is being sued for $20 million by former Hollywood executive Ronald Grigg. He says the site failed to get his side of the story when a story was posted last year about a lawsuit in which Grigg was accused of fraud, theft, and date rape. [Reuters]
  • Police say Pete Doherty has been charged with possession of heroin. He was arrested yesterday minutes after pleading guilty to drunk driving in court. [AFP]
  • Jesse McCartney wants to write songs for Adam Lambert. [ONTD]
  • T.I. was released from prison today after serving seven months for sending his bodyguard to buy machine guns and silencers. He'll do the last three months of his sentence in a halfway house. [TMZ]
  • There's a bench warrant out for Lynne Curtin of The Real Housewives of Orange County. She and her husband were supposed to appear in court yesterday to answer questions about a $1.2 million judgement they were ordered to pay to a former business partner, but they didn't show. [TMZ]
  • Creed frontman Scott Stapp and his wife Jaclyn are expecting a second child. [Us]
  • Ugh. Here's a picture of Kate Gosselin wearing a Carol Brady wig: [People]
  • If you'd like to speculate about Avatar's Oscar chances, read on: [Reuters]
  • In the first ad for the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais says of NBC asking him to host, "What were they thinking?" [The Wrap]
  • Martin Sheen will star as the father in the play The Subject Was Roses 46 years after receiving a Tony nomination for his role as the son. [Variety]
  • Carrie Underwood showed off her five-plus carat engagement ring at an Ottawa Senators game last night. [People]
  • Lady Gaga will appear on the Bravo show Launch My Line on January 6. [People]
  • Be advised: PETA supporter Bethenny Frankel doesn't wear fur. Her rep contacted us to say that an item reported by Gatecrasher about she and her fiance wearing leather wasn't true.
  • Bret Michaels praised Miley Cyrus' cover of "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" saying, "She's one of the few musicians - and I want to use that word cause she can actually play and sing - she's one of the few people who can pull it off and give it her own flare and make it sound good." [MTV]
  • Paris Hilton says she'll never appear on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! "They've asked me to do that show so many times. I wouldn't want to do that, I couldn't eat bugs and do all those crazy challenges. I might do it for fun, on a camping trip with friends but not on national TV," says Paris. [Contact Music]
  • Paris Hilton says her sister Nicky Hilton won't stay in her home since it was burglarized earlier this month. Paris says, "She's still so scared and won't sleep in her house at the moment, she's staying with my mom. It's creepy knowing these thieves have been in your place and I know exactly what she's going through. I'm giving her all the support she needs." [Contact Music]
  • "Most dancers, actors and singers get treated like filth at auditions," says Daniel Day-Lewis. "You never forget that do you? I mean every now and then I bump into some of the directors that treated me that way when I was a kid and they're all over me like a rash and you can't forget it because you're so vulnerable." [Daily Express]
  • Ozzy Osbourne says, "I hate Christmas, I hate it. Everything stops. When I used to drink it it was a good excuse to get drunk for two weeks. Now I just hate it. I have to unravel all these presents. What a waste of paper! ... I was in a coma for awhile, so I missed Christmas, thank god. If I want to miss Christmas I'll get on my quad bike and break my neck again." [Perez Hilton]
  • Lily Allen says she's going to stop drinking on stage: "When I started out, I'd drink four cans of cider on stage because I needed the confidence not to be judged. But getting off my head (drunk) got me into trouble - I didn't understand why I couldn't be like (Oasis frontman) Liam Gallagher just because I was a girl. Now I'm happy being more of a lady." [Contact Music]



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