Anorexia: Not Just In The Brain, But In The Womb

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More late-breaking studies on the anorexia front are out today, further pointing towards the fact that anorexia is a condition that individuals are chemically-predisposed to. One study, done on twins, reveals that males of opposite-sex pairs of twins were more likely to develop anorexia than male peers who were not born with a female twin. Researchers believe that this means that there must be something about the female hormones that fetuses are exposed to during development that encourages the development of anorexia later in life. (Always blame the mom!) The study further shows that sets of twins where both twins are female were more likely to develop anorexia than twins in which both babies are male. In opposite gender twin sets, however, the male was as likely as the female to develop anorexia.


This is particularly interesting news in light of Microsoft shutting down several pro-ana websites in Spain after receiving complaints from the government there, who were troubled by any media encouraging (and insisting on) anorexia as a "lifestyle choice."

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Jenna Sauers

Does this mean anorexia is officially no longer my fault? Inquiring models want to know.