Anonymous Outs Members of Alleged Steubenville High School 'Rape Crew'

Thanks to a lengthy New York Times piece, the country knows that superstar high school athletes Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond are charged with raping and kidnapping a 16-year-old girl in football-crazed Steubenville, Ohio.


But those two aren't the only kids who helped assault and take photos of the passed-out teenager, according to some accounts — they're just the only ones who were caught. Who were the others? Will they experience any repercussions? Should they?

Enter Anonymous sub-group KnightSec, which has released a preliminary dox outing the identities of other students at Big Red High School who they say dubbed themselves the "rape crew" but are being protected by the teachers and parents in the small town. More people and info will be exposed if those involved don't publicly apologize in the next few days:

A preliminary dox is being released on some of those involved, while a full size dox of everyone involved including names, social security numbers, addresses, relatives, and phone numbers is being compiled as you watch this video on every single member of the football team, those involved, the coaches, the principle, and more. This dox will be released unless all accused parties come forward by new years day and issue a public apology to the girl and her family. Make no mistake, all you need is a google search engine to realize we are serious in what we do. You can hide no longer, you have attracted the attention of the hive. We will not sit idely by and watch a group of young men who turn to rape as a game or sport get the pass because of athletic ability and small town luck. You now have the world looking directly at you.

Regardless of how you feel about Anonymous (personally, I wish they were better at using spellcheck, because their frequent typos don't bolster my confidence that they're careful about pegging the right guys) or internet vigilantism in general, you have to admit it's nice to see a group of lawless internet hackers who really believe that rape is rape.



Anonymous — I have many mixed feelings. On the one hand, vigilantism! Not good! On the other hand, vigilantism! Working so far! I have to admire some of the more recent events. But, many mixed feels.