Anonymous Internet Commenters Respond To Lousy Lindsey Graham

When Lindsey Graham asked Sonia Sotomayor to respond to anonymous comments criticizing her temperament, one was forced to wonder: Has Lindsey ever read a typical Internet comment thread??? Luckily, last night, Jon Stewart decided to offer his assistance.

Culling from what one only assumes was a vast, vast amount and range of insults leveled at the South Carolina senator, Stewart narrowed the insults down to 5 sources. The first was from Roger at The Brad Blog:

As I sit here listenting to String Cheese Incident I think, why are all the geniuses musicians? and why are most politicians morons? Lindsey Graham is the ass of the YEAR, never mind the day. He says he has major reservations about the program yet attacks John Dean without knowing what the fuck he's talking about! I thought he was on our side but now I see it as a ruse. He'll, no doubt, vote with going forward with the wiretapping as is with no more oversight than there is now, which is NONE!


The second came from the Walrus at Crooks and Liars:

Lindsey Graham is a disgusting slimeball of the first order. When I see him, I think of Poe's M. Valdemar and expect him to start literally melting at any moment.

The third was the work of loquaciousmusic at Wonkette:

Hey, now! There are so many NOT GAY men named Lindsey!

1) Lindsey Buckingham, from Fleetwood Mac





Oh, fuck it. Lindsey Graham takes it up the cornhole.

And the final two quotes come from the comment thread of a YouTube video (always a hotbed of intelligent conversation) posted by a racist anti-immigrant organization that considers Graham to soft on immigration.

Lindsey Graham is a sad sack of $hit and he is an embarrassment to the state of South Carolina! The only reason he is still in power is because the democrats as well as the single lever pulling clueless Republicans voted for him. His Democratic opponent Bob Conley was 10 times more conservative than this retard!!!

He's such a white southern pig racist idiot douche-bag who makes no sense.


We're sure you can do better.

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If Lindsey Graham were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick.