Anonymous Insurance Donation May Let Woman Keep Therapy Kangaroo

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The case of an Oklahoma woman fighting to keep her injured therapy kangaroo may have a happy ending thanks to an anonymous donor who provided a $50,000 insurance policy.

Christie Carr, who suffers from depression, adopted Irwin, a baby kangaroo, after he was partially paralyzed and suffered brain damage. Carr takes care of Irwin like he's a child, and says he's helped her manage her condition. However, authorities in Broken Arrow were concerned about the prospect of a full-grown kangaroo endangering others.

The City Council is expected to vote on May 3 on a proposal that would let Carr and other exotic animal owners keep their pets with a permit. However, the permit would require them to have liability insurance for injuries caused by the animal. Carr says she can't afford the policy and was considering moving to stay with Irwin.


She has no information about who bought the insurance, but says, "It's amazing for someone to be as generous as that ... I can't believe the support." She added, "That was the biggest hurdle I saw. It's not a sure deal yet, but we're closer."

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