New Yorkers are used to seeing annoying mariachi bands interrupting a perfectly silent/tranquil commute. Well, this man thought it'd be a great idea to combine that with some off-key singing as part of a snowy serenade in the streets of New York.

What is love? Hearing this outside of your apartment window on a wintry day. The description for the video—which features anonymous man singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" and was brought to our attention by Gothamist—reads:

Looking down my window in snowy freezing NYC this morning this guy is serenading a woman in the building across...later on runs to her with a huge bouquet of pink roses...and this, in a nutshell, why I continue to be a hopeless romantic and whole heartedly believe in love and will always remain with an open heart ...and absolutely refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies and grand gestures!

Romantic gesture, sure. Still, seriously, get off my lawn.