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Sad but also exciting news: Our own Moe Tkacik, who was my first hire and has been amusing, educating and provoking Jezebel readers since we launched in late May of 2007, is, in early August, making a jump over to Radar Online moving over to Gawker. Hopefully, this will give Moe the opportunity to flex some different muscles, leave the ladymag-reading and other Crappy and onerous tasks behind, and train her eye on targets that are a little closer to home. (Of course, I'll be demanding that she continue some of her most beloved, well-known Jezebel creations, like CEFAD, in her free time.) More on this - and from her - sometime soon, but please do give her your sincere congratulations in the comments.

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Reading Moe posts makes me smarter, even when they're almost unintelligible. Or maybe especially then because I heart that stream-of-consciousness poeticism. At least I can still read Moe at Gawker and keep it in the family. I think it's a good move and I hope that she comes into the threads (over there) more to comment.