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DC Jezebels! Crappy Hour contributor, guest-blogger and former Wonkette Megan Carpentier is hosting a drinky meetup tonight! 6:30 pm; The Big Hunt; 1345 Connecticut Ave. Enjoy.


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@type_slowly: Oh my god, we can totally be BFFs.

@Hooplehead: I have culled more hilarious-drunken-night-out stories from Pharmacy Bar's bathroom line than any other place in DC. Swear it. Also, I'm kinda buddies with one of the watiers because I was in there with my ex, who is an incredible artist, and the waiter saw one of his drawings and gave us free drinks. That was well over a year ago and he still remembers us each time we come in (together or by ourselves!)

I have not yet had Divino's martinis, but I have heard INCREDIBLE things about them. Hilariously, it is on my way from work to home (I walk). I have no excuse!

Also, if we're feeling particularly old school, we could head down to the Washington InterContinental Hotel to the Round Robin bar, where the Mint Julep was first introduced to DC!