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Hey L.A. Jezebels, ceejeemcbeejee wants to remind you that there's a boozy meetup NEXT Friday. Something about "dancing puppets." Is that a euphemism? Anyway, if you're interested, the info is here. Have fun; send us pix?


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Jenna Sauers

@Skinny Bone Jones: That sounds so fantastic I'm excited already. I have some commitments the weekend of the 15-16 but Friday the 14th sounds perfect. Especially as it is the day after my birthday!

I've never been to Voda (I tend to do my drinking wherever [] recommends) but any bar is fine with me, on the proviso that it's cheap. Given that it's Friday night we could head to El Rio — they have a great happy hour and free oysters on the half shell.

And perhaps, if brunch is still on the table, in future we could go to one of those places in the Castro with bottomless mimosas for $6 every Sunday?