'Annie Hall' Turns 30: Diane Keaton Still More Stylish Than Claire Danes

Glamour's Slaves to Fashion blog is making sure readers realize just what an important day it is today. Yup, thirty years ago today Annie Hall said "La ti da" and Woody Allen fell straight into "loaf, luff, lurve" — and so did we.

One thing, however. Although the Annie Hall/Diane Keaton look is second-to-none, we like to think we're smart enough to know that sometimes imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. Especially after seeing how ridiculous Claire Danes looks in in the Gap ads for the retailer's Boyfriend Trouser.


Listen, Claire: None of us can ever hold a candle to a woman who still makes dressing like one of the guys fresh... even in her 60's. So please, for the love of fashion, give Patrick Wilson his pants back, stat. Oh, and Annie? Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday(ish), Annie Hall [Slaves to Fashion]

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