Annie Get Your Gun

As PBS' documentary Annie Oakley showed last night, the famed "Little Sure Shot" sharpshooter was a walking, heat-packing contradiction: an advocate of women's self-defense and equal pay, she also didn't believe in female suffrage. [PBS]


Erin Gloria Ryan

When I was a little girl, I thought Annie Oakley was about the coolest thing possible. I developed a near-obsession with the original cast soundtrack of the Ethel Merman-lead "Annie Get Your Gun." My brother and I also choreographed an elaborate dance around the song "Anything You Can Do" that involved him lip synching the male vocals and me playing the part of Ethel. We'd wear cowboy hats for this. On "An Old Fashioned Wedding," we'd switch which parts we lip synched to.

Eventually, my mom had to institute a "no Annie Get Your Gun before bed" rule, because we'd get so wound up that she wouldn't get us to sleep until 11.