Anne Pressly, the 26-year old anchorwoman who was brutally beaten by an attacker late last week in an apparent robbery, died of her injuries last night in a hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas, with her parents at her side. Pressly was discovered by her mother last Monday morning, after she failed to answer her mother's daily wake up call. Police currently have no suspects, and believe that the attack was "random," though they have been able to trace activity on Pressly's credit card, which was "used Monday at a gas station a few miles from her home." KATV, the station where Pressly worked as a member of the "Daybreak" morning news team, paid tribute to their co-worker by airing a 7-minute segment to open their Saturday night newscast, with fellow anchor Pamela Smith saying of Pressly, ''She owned every room she was in, not because she demanded our attention, but because we willingly gave it to her. We all felt a little better, a little more alive just being near her. Life was easy for Anne Pressly. But it is her death that is so very hard for all of us.''[New York Times]


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