Anne Hathaway's Les Mis Performance Moved Anne Hathaway So Much, Anne Hathaway Cried

Illustration for article titled Anne Hathaways emLes Mis/em Performance Moved Anne Hathaway So Much, Anne Hathaway Cried

Anne Hathaway as (les) miserable(s) waif Fantine made Anne Hathaway cry at the premiere of Les Mis. She says:

"I cry, but I think it's because I'm still connected to the experience of making it, the process. For me, when I see it, I actually have to be aware when I'm doing press, because it brings me a lot closer to Fantine.

She's so broken that I actually have to protect myself a little bit. So when I saw it, I did cry, but not because of what I was doing [on screen]. It was because I was back in the process of making it."


Aww. [Perez]

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Laura, Laura, Laura.... Coconut Nog is far superior to Silk Nog.