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Anne Hathaway "Surrenders" Jewelry To FBI

Illustration for article titled Anne Hathaway Surrenders Jewelry To FBI
  • The FBI has "recovered" jewelry given to Anne Hathaway by Raffaello Follieri. Meaning she gave it up. Two Rolex watches, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. There is no value given yet but every time the paperwork says "clear stones" you can bet that they're talking about diamonds. Sigh. [The Smoking Gun]
  • Rosie O'Donnell wrote about Sarah Palin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on her blog: "sarah p – elisabeth h/identical cousins/women who hunt in high heels/gives one pause." [TMZ]
  • Wednesday, a judge said that Nicole Richie has been taking care of herself and is "in compliance" with the terms of her probation stemming from her 2006 DUI bust. She has turned things around since driving the wrong way on the freeway after taking Vicodin and smoking pot, huh? [Yahoo News]
  • Post-rehab Kiki Dunst is on the October cover of Harper's Bazaar. Did you know she was in rehab for being "enormously co-dependent"? She says: "Everyone goes through a hard time in their life. They just don't have to do it in front of tons of people and with our media the way it is. I did, and I'm lucky that I had the resources and the money to take care of myself." [People]
  • Keira Knightley jokes getting pregnant may be the only way people will stop thinking she is anorexic. [Mirror]
  • That dude in the plaid sitting next to Mary-Kate Olsen at the fashion shows is her boyfriend Nate Lowman. [Rush & Molloy]
  • Mariah Carey's former record producer is penning an "explosive" tell-all book with details about their "intense four-year personal relationship." Vision of love? [Page Six]
  • Madonna got drunk at Guy Ritchie's birthday party last night and had to be helped to a car. She went home at 10 pm; Guy didn't go home until 4 am. [Daily Mail]
  • Audrina blogs about her drama on The Hills. [People]
  • Another misstep by Solange Knowles. [TMZ]
  • You know how Ciara is "nude" on the cover of Vibe? Apparently she posed with clothes on and the magazine airbrushed them off. Scandalous! [Perez Hilton]
  • A sofa on which actor Glenn Ford supposedly had sex with Marilyn Monroe is to be auctioned off in October. [Reuters]
  • This story, "People Don't Take Heart-Throbs Seriously," is all about Colin Firth! [Telegraph]
  • Bret Stirton, the photographer who shot Brad Pitt and Angelina's new kids, talks about that, even though he's not supposed to. He says: "I know Angelina from my work in Sierra Leone… In a world of 15 minute celebrity, where people will use the humanitarian sector to maximize their publicity, she's one of the few honorable people. I feel that any time that I can be of assistance to her, I will do it. I've seen where that money goes. It's built a number of hospitals." Stirton, who won an award for images of gorillas in the Congo, also says: "I could try and shoot good documentary for the rest of my life… and never get close to the kind of direct impact that that kind of money makes in people's lives." [MediaBistro]
  • Singer Sarah McLachlan is splitting from Ashwin Sood, her husband of 11 years. Two new songs from her upcoming album, "U Want Me 2" and "Don't Give Up on Us," are about their separation. McLachlan and her husband have two daughters, India Ann Sushil, 6, and Taja Summer, 14 months. [Yahoo News]
  • Jessica Alba's public service announcement urging people to vote is not so much "kinky" or S&M-inspired as it is "someone broke in to steal my flatscreen and went nuts with the electrical tape." See it here. [E!]
  • Meg Ryan talks about meeting her adopted daughter, Daisy. "She was red-faced, screaming and crying," Meg says, but when officials passed the baby to her, "Daisy stopped crying. I'm not kidding you. She checked me out and then she went to sleep. The next six to eight hours, she'd wake up and be very afraid and then she'd cry and then relax and play with you. I'd do the same thing. Just get really afraid, then really expanded. It was this metaphysical kind of labor, this crazy meeting. I just saw that face and I knew we were just related." [LA Times]
  • Garbage's Shirley Manson is on the verge of recording some solo material, but she's also part of the cast of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She says: "I think musicians in general tend to be quite sensitive, and that helps when you're trying to interact with others on screen." Also, you may not know this, but she's only happy when it rains. [Reuters]
  • Matthew McConaughey was on NPR's outpost KCRW-FM's Los Angeles studio as part of its Guest DJ Project. He played John Mellencamp, Ted Nugent and mournful African ballads. [Yahoo News]
  • The British press loves making fun of the fact that Heather Mills is writing a book. [Mirror]
  • Apparently Colin Farrell threatens to get the creases out of a baby's forehead with a hot steam iron in a crappy movie called Pride And Glory, shown at the Toronto Film Festival. [Fox News]
  • Johnny Depp will voice the lead character in a new animated movie from Gore Verbinski and George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic. Prediction: It will be awesome. [Daily Express]
  • Dionne Warwick has released a picture book called Say A Little Prayer. "I wanted to write a book about dreams and where everything is possible," she explains. "It really is about me and my childhood and the things that occurred to my in my life. It was a wonderful experience to go back and remember those days. I had an incredible childhood, one which I wish for every child in the world. It was full of love and family and friends." [Reuters]
  • DJ Lethal of House of Pain: Cleared of all charges after actress Nicole Eggert accused him of beating her and burning her with cigarettes. [TMZ]
  • Nicolas Cage owes the IRS after wrongly writing off almost $3.4 million in personal expenses. [Daily Mail]
  • Hugh Laurie's family is moving to America to be with him. [Daily Mail]
  • Amy Winehouse might buy a country farmhouse, a quiet spot to sober up in. Hopefully not in a poppy field. [Telegraph]
  • Is Paul McCartney getting engaged? [Daily Mail]
  • Michael Douglas to play Liberace???? [Guardian]
  • A Dixie Chicks song was supposed to be used in an indie flick, but the film distributor didn't want to pay for it. [Page Six]
  • This story about how Chicago Sun-Times film Critic Roger Ebert got smacked with a binder because he tapped some other guy on the shoulder — because, due to cancer, he cannot speak, is just sad. [Rush & Molloy]
  • Hip-hop mogul Damon Dash's baby mama must return their son to his father, a judge has ruled. The teenage Damon Jr. went to visit his mom in Long Island and she allegedly enrolled him in school there, even though his father has sole custody and he's supposed to be going to school in Manhattan. Drama! [NY Post]
  • Um, this report says Damon Dash has two apartments in foreclosure. [Page Six]
  • Metallica's new album has leaked but the band is remaining calm. [USA Today]
  • Timbaland's Australian tour got all jacked up but he swears the company who arranged his performances is to blame. Which is why he's suing. [NY Sun]
  • Young Jeezy registered to vote! [Concrete Loop]
  • "She's the most stylish, but I take longer to get ready. If I were more stylish, I would take less time. But I have no vision, so I have to try on everything at first to see if I want to wear it. She can tell right away what's gonna work and what's not gonna work. But I have to put on the pants, put on the shirt, put on the jacket, put on seventeen other jackets." — Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, on hus wife, model Marisol. [Yahoo News]

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A sofa on which actor Glenn Ford supposedly had sex with Marilyn Monroe is to be auctioned off in October.

Am I the only one who finds this a little creepy? I just can't see buying celebrity-sex furniture.