While watching SNL last night, I was struck by how graceful Anne Hathaway was in joking about her troubled relationship with her criminal ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri. Hathaway has undoubtedly been under a lot of pressure from the press lately, with questions about her involvement with Captain McShady popping up every time she tries to give an interview to promote her supposedly Oscar-worthy performance in Rachel Getting Married. In playing along as the gullible sweetheart with a heart of gold during her SNL monologue, Hathaway displayed the kind of charm, self-awareness, and sense of humor that will surely help her through what is most likely an incredibly strange and difficult time her life, and I salute her for it. Sometimes being able to laugh at the things that hurt the most is the only way to get through it. How do you all deal with a tough breakup? Is laughter really the best medicine?