Annals Of Anorexia

Virginia Heffernan has a piece called "The Girls Of Thinspo" for The New York Times' 'Medium' blog. She touches on the recently-reported news that France is attempting to ban "inciting thinness." Heffernan viewed some thinspo videos and writes, "It's worth trying to figure out how the tragedy of anorexia got woven into the glamour of it." One of the clips is so sad it's kind of hard to watch all the way through — and yet it's just a montatge of pictures of models set to music. The kind of models you see almost everyday in fashion magazines. (It's embedded. Click the pic if you care to see it.) [New York Times]


Thinspiration: ♥ So Pretty In Pain ♥ [You Tube]

(The text for this clip reads, "This video was made mainly for myself, but is here for all to view. It is very inspiring and sophisticated. Comments are highly apreciated! Enjoy!")

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