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Annalisa Barbieri says she breastfeeds her 4-year old on demand: "I'm not sure I could have parented during the terrible twos without it: it was like having an entire cavalry at your beck and call. Breasts are a powerful parenting tool." Baribieri says the natural age of weaning is six years, not six months — and she'll stop breastfeeding her daughter then the child is "developmentally and immunologically ready." Uh, if the kid starts asking for a shot of Kahlua on the side, it's time! [The Independent]


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The child sometimes feeds 50 times a day!!! She would switch, sometimes manically, between the two, because she had learnt that the let-down (the flow of milk) is faster if you stimulate the breasts in this way. It was also about this time that she started a habit I find extremely annoying to this day: twiddling. While she fed off one breast she would twiddle the other nipple, as if trying to tune in to a short wave radio station. Again, this was to stimulate the milk so that when she did latch on to the second breast, it was all ready to go.

Reading about it in detail made it much worse. I think this woman is insane and will never let her daughter grow up. Terrible.