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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Anna Wintour Rumored to Be Obama's Pick for Ambassador to the U.K.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The rumor that Anna Wintour may be up for a job as U.S. ambassador to either France or her native U.K. is back. Wintour is a top Democratic fundraiser who helped raise millions of dollars for the Obama campaign in both 2008 and 2012 through hosting dinners and such initiatives as her Runway to Win line of designer campaign merch; ambassadorships are a traditional form of political patronage used to reward prominent donors. Anonymous sources said to be familiar with the Administration's thinking report that Wintour may have competition for the London job in the person of Matthew Barzun, Obama's campaign finance chairman, who is said to be "interested in the job." Wintour, a naturalized U.S. citizen, says through a spokesperson that she is "very happy" at Vogue. [Bloomberg]

Here is Kate Bosworth singing in a holiday ad for Topshop. [YouTube]


Anne Hathaway is on the new cover of Glamour wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of the anti-violence-against-women charity One Billion Rising. Inside the magazine she talks to Eve Ensler about ending sexual violence, getting married, and the walk of shame. [Glamour]

Jourdan Dunn makes jerk pork in the first episode of her Internet cooking show. She says keep the seeds in your hot peppers, "because what's the point in having jerk if it's not gonna knock your socks off?" When crushing garlic, she remarks, "Just think of someone who you hate. Ex-boyfriend. Bam, bam, bam." Bam. [YouTube]


Rihanna wore a velour jumpsuit, which also happens to be our first glimpse of the clothing collection she's doing for the U.K. retailer River Island. [Facebook]


Damien Hirst customized a crocodile-skin backpack by the Row (one of those ones that reportedly retails for $39,000) with appliqués of pills. The resulting bag costs $55,000, and "a portion" of the proceeds go to UNICEF. When asked what portion, the retailer selling the bag said that was "at Damien's discretion." [Refinery29]


  • Balenciaga C.E.O. Isabelle Guichot explains herself:

    "We wanted someone with global thinking, a citizen of the world, and someone who could understand the digital world and the direction of fashion and retail tomorrow [...] It will be a new vision; a new understanding of the brand. The heritage of Balenciaga is so big. Just a part of it has been exploited, but obviously not all of it."

    Guichot confirmed that Alexander Wang's first collection for Balenciaga will be presented at Paris fashion week in March, though the format has yet to be determined. The first thing the streetwear designer did upon getting the job was go to the house's archives. [WWD]

    After years of sluggish sales, AdAge reports that Gap may be starting to turn around. Gap has now had ten straight months of year-on-year increases in same-store sales, a key measure of retail health. The company credits the change in part to its new "Be Bright" ad campaign and its holiday ads featuring different examples of love. [AdAge]

    So there are these people out there called Hispanics! And sometimes they buy things! That seems to be the import of this article about how "stores, brands and consultants are trying to get a deeper understanding of the preferences of the Hispanic consumer." Hispanic buying power is projected to reach $1.2 trillion this year. Hispanic people, what do you want? Stores would like to know so they can get a piece of that. According to a shocking new survey of Hispanic women, most report wanting to buy quality things at reasonable prices and/or on sale. [WWD]

    Here is a fascinating ethnographic study of what 13 anonymous people wore to their respective job interviews with Anna Wintour. If a single trend emerges, it is that Anna Wintour hates vintage. [The Cut]

    The Kardashians' licensed makeup line, Khroma, is now suing a similarly named brand, Kroma, in hopes of winning a preliminary injunction declaring that the Khroma name does not infringe on Kroma's trademark. (Kroma had previously sent the holders of the Khroma license, Boldface Licensing and Branding, a cease-and-desist.) Another makeup company called Chroma is also suing Khroma and Boldface for infringement. [WWD]

    Miranda Kerr and her regular makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift, sound like they have a bit of a dysfunctional relationship:

    Rose-Marie: I remember I had called you once last minute and canceled doing your makeup for an event because I was mad at you for something. I can't remember what, though, but you were hurt and I think you ended up doing your own makeup. I felt so bad afterwards.
    Miranda: Yeah, that is right. I forgot about that. [Laughs.]
    Rose-Marie: The amazing thing about you is that you are so forgiving. We just carried on like nothing happened.

    [The Cut]

    The first issue of Carine Roitfeld's new magazine, CR Fashion Book, sold out its 50,000 initial print run. Another 15,000 will be reprinted to hit newsstands before the holidays. [WWD]

    Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon would never wear a tuxedo to a black tie event; that would be so obvious. "If I break one out, it's for dinner with friends." [GQ]

    Zoe Colivas, a 16-year-old model from Canada, describes what it was like to nab a runway exclusive for Prada this past season:

    "There were a lot of girls, which I never really thought about — how many girls there are. The night before I had my fitting, and I was there until 5:30 in the morning. The day was really exciting, with people rushing around. [To get to the runway], there was this huge line up these stairs, and I was so nervous, especially with the shoes."

    Colivas, for the record, says those geta-inspired sandals were "actually very comfortable." [WWD]

    Male model-turned-music documentarian Jay Bulger says of modeling, "I really despised the experience, I really hated it. I went and met Bruce Weber who I thought was the creepiest human being on the face of the earth." Terry Richardson, however, he found fun to work with. "He's not interested in me, let's put it that way." [Fashionista]

    Michael Kors made a $1 million donation to the Fashion Institute of Technology, his alma mater, to establish an endowed scholarship in his name. [WWD]

    Marchesa co-founder Georgina Chapman is expecting a baby with husband Harvey Weinstein. [P6]