Anna Wintour On Letterman: "I Reckon That Makes Me A Lukewarm Royalty From Outer Space With A Whip"

The Late Show With David Letterman has put up a teaser clip for the talk show host's much-anticipated interview with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, on a press "tour" for the making-of-Vogue documentary The September Issue. So: How did it go?

It went okay, or so it seems. Dave started things off by describing Wintour as "transcendent", and then asked her to agree or disagree. Wintour's response was to take a minor swipe at Times Op Ed columnist Maureen Dowd, who, for some inexplicable reason - the Sunday Op Ed page? Really? - devoted her attentions to an unilluminating column about the woman also known as Nuclear Wintour.

Wintour's reputed toxicity was not on display, although she came off as a bit disingenuous when she half-explained/half-complained that, over the past week, she's been described by Times writers as an "ice queen," an "alien," and a "dominatrix". (Really? She's never heard herself described that way before? Much be nice to live in that bubble.) Not surprisingly, she seemed rehearsed - "I seem to remember that the movie was fiction? And we really like fiction at Vogue," was her response to Dave's prodding about the film The Devil Wears Prada - and she made startling good use of the camera time, mugging to the at-home audience with all manner of sultry-ish stares and attempted smiles.

Initial verdict (based on, of course, a 2-minute teaser clip): Wintour has a sense of humor, but not enough of one to jettison her "ice queen" reputation; she is confident, but not comfortable. It is doubtful this performance - strangely, briefly Palinesque at times - will earn her, or her scary-skinny magazine, more fans. So we are left with two three (initial) questions: One: What designer was she wearing? Two: When was the last time Vogue published actual fiction? Three: Can someone with some Photoshop talent show us what "lukewarm royalty from outer space with a whip" actually looks like?


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i do not think dave would have said that thing about the headlock had anna wintour been a man. and really, with all the investment bankers who royally screwed up our system with their cold arrogance, it seems kind of outrageous to be fixating on a woman who has successfully run a really strong magazine for years....again, if she were a man, no one would be joking about how she's not warm and fuzzy. who would care?