Poor Anna Wintour. First there was the news that recently-convicted fashion journalist Peter Braunstein wanted to kill her and now, one of the Vogue editor's own sister publications has essentially deemed her irrelevant. In a four-page feature on "the bob" in the June issue of Allure, readers are treated to how-to-wear it advice from celeb stylists and a photo gallery of famous femmes with the sheared-off style. But among the featured "A-list" models (Evangelista, Campbell), starlets (Bosworth, Tatou) and silver-screen icons (Dunaway, Brooks) with the blunt haircut there is no Anna to be found.

What gives? We know that Conde Nast editors have no problem featuring their publishing brethren in the pages of their glossy magazines, so what could account for the exclusion of the woman widely thought to be America's foremost arbiter of style? Does Allure editor Linda Wells simply not like Anna, with whom she worked at Vogue in the early-to-mid 80s? And, more importantly, does the magazine's inclusion of, um, Victoria Beckham mean there's only room for one expressionless English fashion "icon" per issue?