Anna Nicole's Daughter Misses Out On Dolls

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Last night I took a moment to duck into the party for Rita Cosby's just-released new expose on Anna Nicole Smith's death. And who was there but one of my favorite cable news/E! fixtures, Virgie Arthur, mother of Anna Nicole herself. (Natalee Holloway's mom turned up too — in fishnets and black knee boots.) The real news of the evening — besides the fact that Rita got served with papers en route to her very own party — was that Virgie sent Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn Christmas gifts and that Larry Birkhead mailed them back to her. Virgie told me she went to the effort to buy not one but two baby dolls — "And one said 'I love you!' when you pressed her stomach!" — but Birkhead sent them back unopened. Schmuck. He could have least donated them to charity.



Perhaps Virgie should drop custady battle.. That is the man's child. Bitch needs to go fix her behavior.