Anna Nicole Smith Knew How To Party On Halloween

I literally have not missed a dead celebrity like I miss Anna Nicole Smith. Thankfully, she did a few seasons of reality TV so that we can have more to remember her by than just Playboy spreads, National Enquirer stories, and the occasional TrimSpa water bottle. The clip above is a deleted scene from the Halloween episode of The Anna Nicole Show. Anna, her hanger-on Howard K. Stern, and her assistant Kimmy all went out to party for the holiday, which was also' Kimmy's birthday. In this scene, the trio leaves the party to go to an after-party at Anna's house. The birthday girl gets sick in the limo and is instructed to puke in her hat. Anna's response is a positive one, telling Kimmy that now she can "start over" in getting wasted.

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Knew how to party? what a hilarious way to refer to an addict who died of an overdose.

And by hilarious I mean cruel.