Thanks to YouTube, cup playing has gone from a thing you did at summer camp in middle school (at least it's a thing that I did at summer camp in middle school [Ed: I've never even HEARD of this!]) to a full-blown trend showing up in TV, movies and on actual albums. In fact, actress Anna Kendrick is such a fan of cup playing (cup taping? cup drumming?) that she got producers to let her do it in her new movie Pitch Perfect. She's since taken her act on the road, having recently performed a cup-accompanied rendition of "Cups" by Lulu & the Lampshades while visiting The Late Show with David Letterman. Letterman, who — rumor has it — generally objects to doing anything that gets him out of his chair, was so impressed that he gave her a standing ovation.


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So, I never played cup, I have never even heard of it until this very moment. Is this something you do when you don't have anyone to play hand games with? Or do people do this in groups? In what part of the country is this a thing?