Anna Faris Wants to Play a Drunk, Asexual Nanny

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Um, Anna Faris sounds like a lot of fun to split a bottle of wine with.

In an interview with Vultureduring which she invited the interviewer to her house to down some Chardonnay by the pool — she reveals her desire to one day play a few against-type characters. Namely:

“I want to play asexual characters,” she announces, and begins pitching me a movie about a drunk nanny who maybe also has a neuromuscular disorder. “I just love the idea of a super-floppy person who’s just like Fuck it, dude, I don’t know.” Okay, but does Faris think anyone in Hollywood would actually let her play a drunk, asexual nanny? She considers the question. “Nobody has yet!”


Her new role on Chuck Lorre's new CBS multi-camera sitcom, Mom, at least work the alcoholic thing in. Well, former alcoholic, but still. Faris plays a newly sober single mom with Allison Janney as her recovering-alcoholic mother.

After years of mostly movies, she signed on for the sitcom when a mysterious envelope with a script arrived on her door. Her husband, Parks and Recreation's Chris Pratt, got to it first and read a few pages before telling her she had to read it. “He’s like, ‘This is you,'" Faris said.

In classic Chuck Lorre style — he's the man behind Two and a Half Men — the script is a little bit... funky?:

Faris also likes to push the boundaries of taste, which is maybe why she was drawn to Mom, a multi-camera family sitcom that somehow sneaks jokes about alcoholism, cocaine, adultery, and teen pregnancy onto network television. “We have, like, an anal-sex joke!” Faris says gleefully. “It’s amazing!”

Anna Faris is wonderful, and so here's hoping Mom is something a little more interesting than Chuck Lorre's usual weirdly-offensive-but-also-kinda-boring shenanigans. After all, Faris is the genius behind this bit and it'd be a damn shame if they wasted it:


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Look, Two and a half Men sucks. Like, sucks a lot. But Chuck Lorre created Grace Under Fire, and wrote for Roseanne. I don't love Mike and Molly or The Big Bang Theory, but I love Melissa McCarthy, Mayam Bialik, and Melissa Rauch, and I get to see them on shows he's responsible for. I wonder if he has two personalities or something, but for all the rotten, awful sexism of 2 1/2, he's put an awful lot of funny women on television.