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Ann Romney's Weird Bird Shirt Cost $990

Illustration for article titled Ann Romneys Weird Bird Shirt Cost $990

If you watched Ann Romney's uncomfortably insistant proclamation that her husband Mitt was a "wild and crazy guy just waiting to come out" yesterday, you may have noticed that she was wearing a shirt covered with pictures of what appeared to be giant birds. But getting your own mitts on that ugly shirt will cost you a pretty penny — Ann's parrot blouse costs $990.


The shirt's a Reed Krakoff design from this season's ready-to-wear collection. According to a spokesperson for the designer, Ann didn't get it directly from them, so she must have bought it at Saks or Nieman Marcus or one of those other places normal American stay at home moms talk about over their kitchen tables while they worry about paying the bills.

We couldn't find the exact top for sale online, but we did find a similar top with a similar Put A Big Fucking Bird On It aesthetic. Only this $890 sleeveless number is festooned with a parrot tail print rather than a parrot head print, which means that if you stand next to Ann Romney the next time she wears her $990 tee shirt, you guys can create a human parrot mural. It's like "I'm With Stupid," but way more expensive.



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What is this garbage? The suits male politicians wear are expensive. We don't talk about this. I don't care what Ann Romney wears. I really, really don't, and you shouldn't either.